ATiO - Alliance for Advanced Therapies in Orthopaedics

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Winkler

Change is inevitable. One of the most striking examples is the increasing desire and need to (re)create health - instead of alleviating symptoms and slowing down degeneration in the human body.

The field of advanced therapies is more exciting and promising than ever – therapies that are based on human genes, tissues or cells offering revolutionary opportunities for the treatment of disease and injury. We see more and more advancement in research concerning new therapy options in all different medical disciplines and an increase of regulatory approvals for new medical products in that field.

Years ago, we identified the need of a dedicated group and conference for advanced therapies with musculoskeletal indications. We saw a disconnect between high-level science and the criticality of actual medical need, thus creating a gap between research and industry – a gap that needed to be bridged.

To achieve this goal, a vehicle to connect and amplify the expertise of the elite in advanced therapies in orthopaedics was needed. With that purpose in mind and after years of preparation, the “Advanced Therapies in Orthopaedics Foundation” (ATiO) was established with the aim to create a network consisting of all important stake holders and key opinion leaders in the field, ranging from clinics & research, to corporates & finance – an Alliance for Advanced Therapies in Orthopaedics to form the future. We envision an elite group working hand in hand on the challenges of today and tomorrow, pushing the current boundaries of possibilities and creating new concepts and products revolutionizing the world of orthopaedics we know today.


Image 1: Function of the ATiO in the Ecosystem

Fundament of the ATiO

The key pillar of the network is the annual ATiO Conference, providing a dynamic and interactive schedule with world renown keynote speakers for selected members of the ATiO. In addition to the newest updates from research and clinics, insights from the industry, and sponsoring opportunities, you have plenty of space for networking and enjoying the companionship of fellow enthusiasts of advanced therapies.


Image #2: ATiO 2022 Conference Banner


Our 1st Conference will be hosted in Berlin, Germany at the Hotel De Rome from the 6th to 8th May – click here for more information. As for now, we are trying our best to make this event happen despite the current pandemic situation. 


The second pillar is the ATiO website that functions as an online network for all active members and a channel for updates and information in advanced therapies in orthopaedics and related subject. Within the member section, you can search and connect with other experts around the world to exchange ideas, cooperate and collaborate. The search engine supports the distinction by the “Field of Expertise” of each individual. In addition, you have the opportunity to join different webinars and events in the future. Down the line the website will be expanded with exciting new features to provide an even more interactive and lively platform for all members. The application for a membership is currently open and free for everyone.

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We are excited to finally launch the project and build the future of advanced therapies in orthopaedics with you!